альтернативный текстExistentia is the post-apocalyptic quest with dark existential atmosphere. You will explore the ruins of a fictional post-Soviet Artania republic as the one of the few survivors after a nuclear disaster.

The game was released 08/08/2016. Now it’s available on Steam.



The system of tunnels under the former military base


The main hero’s shelter

A note

Apparently, a fragment of correspondence between soldiers


Control Panel in the hydroelectric power station


Dead forest at the edge of the capital of Artania

Gas station

The small "Starfish" gas station


You can contact us by mail if you have any questions, the offer of cooperation or would like to report about any bug. In addition, you can find us in social networks.

Copyright & Thanks

I would like to thank all those who was somehow supported our project at the development stage. Especially we are grateful to Andrew Voloshchuk, who was prepared concept drawing in the forester’s hut and to all our testers.

Also, in the game were used sounds which are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License. The following are the links to these audio files and their authors.